Some of you might know us, others may not.  Those that are highly involved with the sport of reining, will probably know HDC Quarter Horses USA as the owner of ARC GUNNABEABIGSTAR and STEPPIN ON SPARKS. 

We have been and are very fortunate that we can put ourselves behind horses like them. These two very special stallions have given us, as owners, everything they had in the showpen over and over again. They brought us joy and they have taken us places we never imagined possible, following their show career we discover wonderful places and great people that after a while became really good friends. They gifted us the stars and heaven in 2014 when we became #1 NRHA Owner thanks to RYAN RUSHING and STEPPIN ON SPARKS  winning the NRBC Limited Open championship and thanks to JORDAN LARSON and ARC GUNNABEABIGSTAR winning the 2014 NRHA Open Futurity in Oklahoma City. Today we feel that it is our turn to give them back all the good they brought to us and help them get every opportunity available to become the great stallions we believe they are.

It’s our goal and main purpose to contribute to them in becoming Industry Leading Sires.


It was 10 years ago that we purchased our first ever reining horse.  Over these past years we have learned that the horse business is wonderful but very challenging. We believe that the business part of this industry comes secondary to our passion, friendship and trust. Step by step, we have built a program that today spans world wide. The reason for doing it remains the same, our will to become our best version. 

Be accepted and trusted in any community takes time and effort, if you don’t actively work on a relationship building trust and friendship then the relation is doomed to fail.  

When thinking about our relationship with mare owners we all agree that this is a must, not only appreciated but needed.  An honest and fluent relationship between us and mare owners is what we seek for our program. For us, this the only way both parties can reach new heights.  The moment we sign a breeding agreement, we wish to be engaging in a long term partnership.


It all started during the first month of year 2009 when we, the Destefano/Crupi family from Buenos Aires, Argentina, showed up at the then Green Valley Ranch in Aubrey Tx. That year we bought our first reining horses with the purpose of bringing modern, top notch genetics back to Argentina as a foundation for our small breeding operation in our ranch.

In July of that same year, we met Hubert Heule, who came down to Argentina to show the horses that we had bought earlier that year at one of our local CACCM (Argentine Quarter Horse Association) shows. This was a very special moment, not only did we have a great show, but we met a young, passionate and very motived guy with a lot of knowledge of the Reining Horse industry and experience across the globe. 

From that moment on, we felt that we were in a reining horse rollercoaster.  He was full of ideas and plans, but most important, he painted us an honest picture of what the horse industry is like. Overnight success does not exist. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and resources to get to the top. 

The past 10 years have been an interesting journey. We have been to places and have done things that we could have never imagined doing.  We have worked hard, but played harder, we have been disappointed and proud, we have cried and laughed but it has been so worth it, specialy that December 6th 2014 when Jordan Larson rode Arc Gunnabeabigstar to the Open Co- Championship at the NRHA Futurity. 

Nowadays, we have a respectable and well functioning breeding operation in Argentina where we raise about 20 foals a year to supply the local market while striving to breed and rise horses that can be competitive on an international level. 

Beginning year 2015, just after Big Star won the NRHA Futurity we started standing our stallions to the public.  Over the past 4 breeding seasons, we have learned a lot about the stallion business, for sure there are a lot of challenges to overcome promoting stallions at so many levels. 

The first couple of years it took us  a lot of patience and periods of serious financial investments, as well as personal time and dedication to the cause, this is why, watching our stallions foals being born all over the world, receiving pictures and stories from people about their foals is extremely rewarding. 

We are anxiously awaiting year 2019 when the first small foal crop can hit the show pen. 

STEPPIN ON SPARKS has had 3 very successful open book breeding seasons in the United States Of America as well as in Europe. 

In the case of  ARC GUNNABEABIGSTAR We had to slow his breeding career down because he was so busy showing and most of the major events take place during the spring when breeding season is at its busiest.

We decided to prioritize his show career in order to aloud the DUO to show their awesome potential and we are happy that we did.  He now has an impressive show career under his belt, improving as he matured and got older. Big Star was officially retired sound after the 2018 World Equestrian Games, where he represented Team USA, won Team gold and showed his heart-out in the finals.  We very pleased with the small Bigstar’s foal crop that there are out there, as far as we know there are some really promising two year olds out there in very capable hands.


We are excited that we were able to form an alliance with the world-renowned Sterling Ranch. This alliance is an important factor for the success of HDC stallions breeding careers.  First of all because of Sterling Ranch’s reputation and achievements in the reining horses industry as leading breeders and their state of the art breeding facility. Their professionalism and consistency in our industry is a great example to us and will be of a great benefit to our US, Canadian and Center American breeding customers as they are committed to serve our clients with the highest quality of service. 

Last year we where fortunate enough to expand our international borders to Australia and we were encouraged to see that our stallions became very popular there.

Of course we will continue to serve our European market with distributors in Belgium, Germany and Italy as usual and, HDC Argentina will keep the distribution of our stallions in South America. 


For the end but not less important, we would like to thank all the people that have been involved with us over the past 10 years and helped us to get to the point where we are today, the customers that believed in our stallions  and supported our program, trainers, assistants, grooms, breeding stations and their employees that took care of our horses while standing there. We truly appreciate you and we look forward to the future that we can create together. 

We hope with this letter, we were able to explain who we are, what we do and show you our devotion to our stallions, dedication to our clients and passion for reining horses. 

For any further information regarding our stallions and our program around them, feel free to give Hubert Heule a call or talk to him when you seen him at one of the shows. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Co-owner and CFO 
Martin Carlos Crupi
For HDC Quarter Horses